The Bible Codes app is a groundbreaking tool that delves into the hidden depths of the Hebrew Bible (Torah and Tanach) using Equidistant Letter Sequences (ELS). Initially developed by Professor Eliyahu Rips and his team, expert coder Samuel Grenier has completely rewritten the app to utilize modern hardware and it now goes way beyond traditional Bible Code research, offering a unique perspective on the sacred texts.

1. After using “Keys To The Bible” for ELS research for the past 20 years, with little to no updates, I have found that this new app has made the process of researching much more user friendly and 100 times quicker.
2. The Bible Codes provides powerful search capabilities, allowing users to explore ELS patterns within both the Masoretic and Leningrad texts.
3. The Global Dictionary utilizes multiple Hebrew-English Dictionaries so you get the most accurate translations.
4. Easy for English speakers to use, knowing Hebrew is not a necessity, though understanding the AlephBet is handy and easy to learn.
5. Automated updates that takes only 1 click and a few seconds to complete.
6. Added features on a regular basis, with Samuel Grenier taking suggestion requests for future updates.

I am looking forward to see what else Samuel will be developing for The Bible Codes app, a must have for all serious Bible Code Researchers.

— Richard Ruff

The Bible Code app is vastly superior to all other Torah Code softwares out there. I've tried many others and they don't hold a candle to this one. It's faster, more accurate, has more features, and on top of all that it is also much more user friendly and comes with a lot of quality of life goodies. You also have the option to search either the Masoretic text or the Leningrad codex, which I've never seen offered by any other software.

Before this app came along, Torah Code searching could be a very tedious and time consuming effort. All that is reduced to a minimum with the Bible Code app and it's a smoother and more fun experience now. The price tag may seem steep, but if you're serious about Torah Code research there really is no better alternative. This is what you need to have.

— Emil Johansson