Unsealing the scroll...

...The most powerful and fastest Equidistant Letter Sequencing (ELS) research program backed by comprehensive dictionary sources with an intuitive interface.
The Bible Code is a Windows desktop app to explore and discover hidden secret codes within the ancient Scrolls. These codes can reveal past, present, and future events and details about people, is your name encoded in the Bible?
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Powerful Searches

Searches are optimized to take advantage of modern hardware, delivering results quickly. Using our comprehensive dictionaries and flexible user dictionaries enables you to perform thorough searches.
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Bilingual Dictionary Support

  • Comprehensive built-in dictionaries from multiple sources.
  • Unlimited user provided dictionaries for word or phrase categorization. There is no limit on the content that can be stored.
  • All searches are bilingual and accept English or Hebrew.
  • Global searches help keep track of all content within dictionaries, including the built-in sources.
  • Import legacy dictionaries from Keys to the Bible.
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Multiple Book Searches

We support searching the standard Masoretic Text and Leningrad Codex.
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Clear Presentation

  • Adjustable font sizes for the matrix viewer and the search terms.
  • Preserved spaces for readability and removed during searches.
  • Term markings have various shapes and can be set to any color.
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Our Pricing

  • Single user license
  • Email support
  • Limited functionality
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  • Single user license for two devices
  • Email support
  • Access to all features
  • Access to future updates
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  • Primary and secondary extension searches
  • On screen Hebrew keyboard
  • English to Hebrew transliterations
  • Sharing matrix codes online
  • Scripture reader
  • Statistical analysis
  • Gematria
  • Dictionary sharing and collaboration
  • Cloud synchronization